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span:  small piece or space; short space of time; space between supports of arch; distance between the tips of thumb and little finger

span:  yoke; connect; harness; attach.

hence span: that process that connects the matter of observation with the understanding of it.

arch is a solidified imagination stepping on which one can reach the other bank.  all arches, big and small, high and low, and extremely beautiful are only to span the distance between the two points.  one must go over them.  and then, go on, far beyond the other shore. for if one didn’t, the arch disintegrates beneath one’s feet, like a cloud formation dissolving in a gentle breeze.  the strength of arch is in its purpose, and not in its stationary form, which may be made of artfully weaved vines or intricately arranged stones or technologically intriguing formation of steel girders and cables.

the motion of taking a single step forms an arch of short space and time spanning the distance between the point of departure and the direction of motion related to the purpose.    a leap forms a little bigger, graceful arch to carry one over the obstacle.

the process of education is such a solidified imagination stepping on which one may connect a matter of inquiry with an enquiring mind.  thus the purpose of education is to keep on going, stepping over the momentarily arising and dissolving purposes.  each arrived point enables one leave behind the space one had stepped into a moment ago, cognizing in one an awareness of a non dual existence of purpose and motion.

span is a tax exempt educational entity that operates on non profit basis since 1973.  its very formation, as well existence are not planned and laid out path with a militaristic precision of motion that seems and sounds impressive but has never ever served its propagated purpose.  span has only the audio-visual inklings of a non- violent and interdependent existence of all things and beings that an eco-centrical character of nature can nurture.   and in nature, there are no presidents and c.e.o.-s to direct the affairs of the myriad forms life with their dance-like interplay of motions and commotions.

what span proposes does go against the norm of the society, very much like the inkling of creating a flying machine. it seemed impossible at first to have enough energy to leap above the ground, defying the forces of gravity.  today, even spaceships are taken for granted.

but these skyward leaps are superficial. and often times, those geniuses of the law of physics are totally unaware of the rest of the span of the nature of the human affairs.  the so called authority on a given subject acts ignorantly when away from the area of one’s expertise.  modern society is composed of those experts who live off the ignorance of each other and of the masses. within the society every one competes against one another.  one rejoices when succeeding in exploiting others and hates it when being exploited by others.  and then the various societies compete against each other for a higher standard of living. again, a higher standard of living is achieved at the cost of miseries of others. 

every now and then an individual member of the society feels compelled to eliminate the exploiting member when the pain of exploitation becomes unbearable.  so, too, societies quarrel with each other in order to maintain a status quo favourable to itself or to change it to make it favourable to itself.  this is a learnt behaviour.  society fashions its schools to perpetuate itself.  Its schools plan their curriculums to teach its new members the prevailing way of life.  in such a wretched living one creates illusions of release or liberation utilizing the wishful thinking one is taught in order to make the pain a little tolerable so that the individuals do not rebel against the established patterns.

this way of life, which is very violent, cannot perpetuate itself, if schools do not continue to teach how to feel insecure, how to compete, how to fight, how to distrust, how to feel lonely, how to try to escape momentarily, and having failed in all of these, how to feel insecure again.

this violent and painful way of life cannot exist even in memory if schools do not teach about it even as a history (of a misperceived mistaken existence).  a creatively engaged mind with an entirely different sphere of existence, has no brain cell to spare for a memory of something stupid, much the same as the moment one learns to stand up and walk, one does not remember how one could not stand up.

span proposes to span the distance between an inquisitive mind and the matter to which no one has yet responded beyond idle thinking.  there fore, span proposes:

international residential school with a curriculum based on inquiry, experiment and practice of those eco- centric motions of life that have co-operation and co-existence as the essential characteristics of an aware living.  it can be possible only on equal footing of socio-economic kind.  in such a centre for learning absent would be the notion of the role-playing, as that of a teacher who does the talking and the student who does the remembering.  when freed, both these persons would enable each other to activate the human brains to cognize things in the ever changing nature of things, some thing that every other creature does, not being nurtured in the memory factory. and rightly so, for no tree put out a second berry for the second time on the same branch for the other three primates to pick up, sitting i the same position, day after day and consequently become fat like the human primate, who has invented the mechanical forms of motions of life, and unwittingly finds no justification for having purpose of life.

publishing, to establish link with those creatively inquisitive beings who would think on things, not for the personal name recognition for the socio-economic up-lift, but for the common good:  ‘ink-quest’, a journal of thinking a new is periodically published without the names of the authors, for in absence of the notion of rewards and punishment, not only it is the matter that matters not who brings it up, but also, one does not feel compelled to have a say – just as what the un-awakened ‘leaders” do.  they hire the “speech writers” to put the words in their mouth, thinking that the listeners would not find out that they do not feel what they say.

eco-centric monetary exchange: a non profit banking for non profit endeavors:  kings of antiquity are said to have been buried with their household that included their wives, servants and animals of use.  the practice was to safeguard the kingly needs for the thought out unknown time, the future.  burying someone alive for the ideological future is now out of mode, but hoarding an unspendable amount of wealth for the future is still in vogue.  so are the lavish life styles of the rich.   the dictionary defines as some one who has an unspendable amount of material wealth. and the etymology of the english language shows the word: rich < reich (old high german) < rex (latin):- king.  so we do not have democracy yet.

span invites such accumulative minds to let go of the fear of the fear of the unknown, which is as unmanifest as the future, and there fore so unreal that it can’t be lived in, happily or unhappily. 

however, the release of the excess matter, whether stored in the bank or around one’s waist, does make one feel light and relieved in the now.  span invites giving of that excess which creates no sense of loss and receiving of which generates no burden of obligation. span functions only as a connecting element between those in need and those with means to satisfy those needs.  should the receiver have an excess after use, it may be given to someone else in need rather than reloading it on one whose excess it was.

and span does not take any amount of it for the operating expense.

span invites persons and proposals that offer a meaningful change of socio-economic equanimity. individuals either may work with us or if they are already working as a group, may state their needs in terms of material assistance.  however, span does not offer any help in terms of paying the living expenses or to sustain a hidden agenda of the non governmental organization’s bureaucratic mode of expenses.  span invites a proposal outline explaining how it addresses the above stated purpose, and if it is within the scope of interest and material feasibility, it then becomes a mutual quest.  span particularly invites inquiry from the groups from the 3rd world kind who are not connected with any academic institution. groups seeking a matching grant must identify their other resources.