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'ink-quest' was published from 1973 to '84 as 'communion'. since then it is published as 'ink-quest' in its present form, on issues that concern an existence which is as eco-centric as that of a butterfly among flowers. it is as light as the flower petals it lands on. it is beautiful, but its sense of beauty does not get tarnished even when it lands on the feces or urine. it is equanimous to both nectar and the food matter in the refuse.

'ink-quest' accepts verbal or pictorial articles of observations in thinking, actions or experiments that help one to stop acting out the learnt role-playing. this will help to mend the gap between what one is and what one has learnt to make believe what one is due to the fear of the loss of the self-identity of the role-playing. consequently, articles appearing in 'ink-quest' bear no name of the author and thus offer no identity of the writer. Send articles to 'span' by email at ink-quest@span-foundation.org.

'ink-quest' is but an inquiry without the professional inquirer. it is a quest in ink without the printed material becoming a commercial publication. so there is no subscription fee, nor is it sold. it is sent to those persons who are somehow in places whence a change of ecocentric nature would feel effortless. should you know of some such persons, and feel that copies of 'ink-quest' should be sent to them, do write to us, or make a copy and send it yourself.

expenses for this issue were paid for from the gifts to 'span', inc., which is a tax exempt, 501 (c) (3) educational organization.

the annual tax returns of span,inc. as a private foundation as provided to the i r.s. are available for public inspection by writing to ink-quest@span-foundation.org, for three months from october to december each year.

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